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Product Tracking Report - servizi Daniele Fuligno


Selling abroad has become a vital need for businesses, yet navigating the complex world of international trade often resembles an odyssey. Unpredictable markets, ruthless competition, and economic uncertainties can lead to costly errors with devastating consequences.


Our Product Tracking Report Service cuts through the fog of global trade evolution, illuminating essential data for optimal decision-making: purchase volumes, lists of leading importing and exporting countries, and the latest market trends.


  • Objectivity: delivers impartial analysis based on public sector data.
  • Detail: In-depth categorical specificity: 20+ industries, 210+ categories, 3000+ products.
  • Valuation: price level assessment: a broad spectrum, from basic to premium.
  • Chronology: extensive time frame: information on global transactions from 1995 to today.
  • Projections: analytical forecasts for specific articles and/or nations.
  • Coverage: over 150 countries.

Imagine anticipating market trends before your competitors do, armed with information that always keeps you one step ahead. Our Report is more than a mere analytical tool; it is your eye on the future of international trade.


These aren’t just numbers; they are the compass that will guide you towards targeted, winning strategic decisions, mapping out new and fertile markets for your growth ahead of the competition.

It’s not just a report; it’s the key to turning every challenge into a tangible opportunity for:

  • Market Analysts: uncover hidden trends and shape winning strategies.
  • Sales Managers: identify and seize new market opportunities before others.
  • PD/ NPD Directors: tailor your offerings to meet emerging needs.
  • Export Managers: navigate markets with expertise, optimizing entry strategies.


Don’t let your business sail blindly. Request our Product Tracking Report now and turn data into gold, because where data meets decisions, decisions lead to success!

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