How to measure the success of a brand positioning

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic business landscape, brand positioning plays a vital role for businesses. But how to measure the success of a brand positioning? In fact, knowing the effectiveness of your brand positioning is essential: not only will it allow you to adapt to changing consumer needs, but it will also help you identify growth and […]

How to build an effective brand positiong strategy

In a constantly evolving world, where competition is ever stronger, brand positioning represents a fundamental pillar for the success of any company. Building a unique and distinctive identity, capable of leaving an indelible mark on the minds of consumers, is essential to stand out from competitors, capture the public’s attention and win their trust. All this is […]

Assessing the attractiveness of a foreign market in three stages

International expansion offers exciting growth and development opportunities for companies of all sizes and industries. However, choosing the most promising foreign markets for internationalization expansion is a crucial strategic decision requiring careful analysis and planning. In an ever-changing globalized economic landscape, understanding how to find the countries with the greatest potential for our company is essential for […]

5 steps to manage cultural challenges in business internationalization

When undertaking a business internationalization process, it is essential to thoroughly understand the culture of the target country. This is the only way to avoid mistakes due to lack of knowledge of traditions, beliefs and values that could cost you dearly. In this article we will look at how to overcome the cultural and linguistic challenges of business […]

How to choose a business partner abroad

There are many reasons for a company to go international, and certainly internationalization is a huge opportunity to expand a business. Adopting an overseas expansion strategy, however, can be a challenging task. Among the many decisions to be made, one of the most crucial involves choosing the right business partner within the target market. Finding a foreign […]

The 5 process stages of the enterprise’s intenationalization

In the current globalized world, access to international markets offers unprecedented opportunities for business success and growth. However, enterprises’ internationalization takes thorough strategic planning, a deep analysis of destination markets, and a will to fit the cultural and commercial dynamics of unique situations of the countries. In this article we will look at the 5 […]

Why branding is critical for SMEs?

Branding is a crucial aspect of a company’s success, whether it is a multinational corporation or an SME, a “small and medium-sized enterprise”, a type of business that is an essential part of many countries’ economic and social landscape. In an increasingly competitive market, branding is a crucial factor in getting noticed and standing out and […]

What is brand positioning?

“Brand positioning” or “brand positioning” is a fundamental concept for any marketing strategy, which is particularly important for companies aiming for internationalization. Brand positioning can make the difference between the success and failure of a business. It concerns the public’s perception of a brand in comparison to its competitors and the values that brand represents , and affects […]

What is meant by SME?

In a domestic business landscape, “SMEs” are often mentioned, but exactly what are we referring to when we talk about SMEs? In essence, what are SMEs? Let’s see it in detail in this article. What are and how are SMEs classified SME stands for “Small and Medium Enterprise”. In most countries, the definition of small […]