Daniele Fuligno

EXIM Manager Senior

My name is Daniele Fuligno and I help Small & Medium Companies just like yours to export their products and services abroad.

How? By defining a winning positioning developed through a customized strategy, specifically tailored to your company and based on your available assets.
I can be your right hand and as a Company Skipper can help you export your products by achieving for Your Business a winning positioning without the burden of the constant torture on margins, the unstable supply relationship with your customers, the hassles of not being able to break free from the constant comparison with your competitors.

I have many years of experience gained directly in the field at an international level, living, traveling, and working in many foreign countries, a vast network of relationships in the industrial and commercial sectors, and negotiation and interaction skills resulting from my experience and my personal growth studies.

I am also among the first professionals in Italy to have obtained the EXIM Manager Senior Certification, for the adherence of my work to the new UNI 11823:2021 standard that defines the requirements and skillsets of experts in export, import and internationalization processes.

Find out more on my LinkedIN profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielefuligno/

Daniele Fuligno


Going Global is a strategic support path for the Business owner, CEO, or C-Level exec who wants to successfully take his company abroad, or even optimize its presence there, through a series of actions aimed at implementing a differentiating strategy, custom-built with the goal of emerging in the market by untangling from competitors.

After drawing up a shared agenda with regard to the strategic areas on which to intervene, the overall available company budget, and the S.M.A.R.T. [Specific/ Measurable/ Achievable/ Realistic/ Temporally Defined] objectives, we will adopt a very pragmatic approach focused on a “learning by doing” approach, in such a way as to concretely verify and improve where necessary the agreed development planning and its execution with a view to a progressive, constant implementation and efficiency.